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GLI Engineering

Sometimes GLI engineering is aimed externally, giving us the opportunity to evaluate customers’ product designs to offer cost-reduction suggestions based on our extensive knowledge of manufacturing cost drivers.

In addition to analyzing component parts, GLI can assist with programs for complex systems involving standard and custom products.  We have the capability to move flawlessly from a customer design through manufacturing process development, production, assembly, testing and delivery.

Engineering at GLI

The greater our involvement in engineering activities, the more value we can add.  And the deeper the customer relationship, the faster we can help drive solutions to market.

For other challenges our engineering systems are focused internally, as we apply formal problem-solving methodologies such as DOE, Process FMEA, SPC and Lean disciplines to design and build automated manufacturing systems.

Our quality engineering activities utilize a strict Product Launch Process and the AIAG core tools needed to plan, design and implement stable manufacturing processes.

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