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Company Vision

GLI understands that we must act today like the company we want to become. Girded with a common purpose and confidence that we can improve, GLI embraces a view of the future which is dynamic, progressive and adaptable to life’s one constant—change itself.

GLI’s vision is to be:

  • Consistently profitable
  • Growing in targeted global markets
  • A world-class manufacturer
  • The place to work

Strategic Management Framework
We work towards achieving our vision every day by operating within our strategic management framework.

Strategic Management Framework

Core Values

Our core values serve as the foundation for how we operate our company everyday.  These values guide us in our dealings with customers, suppliers, employees.

Honesty, fairness and openness. We treat others as we would like to be treated. We always tell the truth.  We are open and candid.  We are willing to speak up about issues before they become problems.

Respect. We believe all employees come to work every day to contribute productively, add value and ensure quality to the best of their ability.  We are respectful of every contribution and extend to each contributor basic human respect without regard to beliefs, backgrounds or orientations.

Competition and vision. We have a sense of urgency and perform to the highest possible standards.  We look beyond immediate tasks and understand that GLI must be ever-vigilant, manage wisely and adapt quickly to compete successfully in a global marketplace, assuring security for every employee.

Responsibility and accountability.  We are driven from within and hold ourselves and others to the highest standards.  We accept constructive feedback and use it to improve performance.   We accept responsibility for the future by proactively planning ahead and following through with commitment to hard work and continual improvement.  We balance responsibility at work and duty at home.

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