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Integrated Systems for Mutual Success

Our customers, suppliers and employees are impressed with our integrated systems – both electronic and process-based.  Our systems are focused on mistake-proofing, eliminating waste, and making sure working people get the right information and tools in the right place at the right time.

We constantly communicate electronically and continuously with our customers, suppliers, cell operators, engineers and office staff. 

Well known for our integrated engineering, quality and manufacturing systems, GLI employs a proprietary ERP system to marry our control systems to the shop floor.  The result is a seamless network that maximizes worker potential and minimizes lag time, inefficiency and indecision.

Our commitment to and investment in state-of-the-art tools are the keys to our efficiency and speed of response to customers.  Our integrated IT systems provide real-time connection between engineering and factory workstations and CNC machine tools.  We translate changes in engineering designs and specifications to revised manufacturing instructions in a matter of minutes—not hours or days.  Constantly improving systems is a way of life at GLI.

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